The Hindsight Project is having a “Topics Party” from 7:00 PM-10:00 PM on Thursday, May 04, 2017, @ The Psychedelic Healing Shack, Detroit Mi. 48203 

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A “Topics Party” is a fundraiser event where the host invites their friends, family and community to an intimate setting to engage in friendly dialogue while creating solutions relevant to community centered issues. There will be a “Topics Box”provided at the host site thirty (30) days in advance for early subject submission. Guest will also make submissions during the event. Finding common ground during a “solutions based conversation

Topic for this event: The education crisis in public schools

Subjects we will explore:

  • • Independent schools
  • • Sustainability
  • • Better curriculum
  • • Standardized testing


 REGISTER HERE  Eventbrite -

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While this is a fundraiser, it is also an opportunity to have a good time, to share in food, fun and great conversation. The event will feature a vegetarian menu, and a short address on the selected Topic.

Your DONATION goes to the “Write To Legacy” initiative, to abate the education crisis for African American students by WRITING and DISTRIBUTING OUR OWN HISTORY BOOKS, wherein African American kids see themselves and their ancestral accomplishment through the history of the world.


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