The Aboriginal Phenotype of Australia is Same as original Americans

These Australia Aborigine carry the same phenotype as the Copper colored Anerican’s as with all Aboriginals. Although the genetic history of Aboriginal people has not been explored, The Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany joined with colleagues to analyze large-scale genotyping data from Aboriginal Australians, New Guineans, Island Southeast Asians and Indians that suggest a new possibility. The authors found a common origin for populations in Australia, New Guinea and the Mamanwa. The authors are calling their commonality “Negrito”. Because the phenotype of Aboriginal people across the planet is as with the American Negro, a Wide nose, full lips, black skin with flecks of their continental mineral and nappy hair.

As you can see, the cultural dress and dance are similar around the planet.


Last report documents Indigenous Australians are now estimated to represent only 3.3% of the total Australian population. Setting aside for the moment those who were missed, 649,171 people identified themselves as being “of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin” in the 2016 Census. While it is reported that the numbers are up by18.4% from 2011 the genocide continues.

Deborah Ishki Oklahumma
Author: Deborah Ishki Oklahumma

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