NAICA Meeting Notes “Ritual of Return” Stop shopping with Foreigners.”

National American Indian Council of Affairs Meeting Of The Masses Notes 09-09-2020

Each month NAICA has a meeting of the masses to discuss in our mission of unity. On 09-09-202 we agreed to create and perform a ritual in ceremony of return. We decided to return to self— to return to our cycle of life and walk out from under this system of “Death-Rituals which have been handed to us to replace our natural cycle of life.

We will no longer shop neighborhood stores that are owned and operated by foreigners- in particularly Arabs / Chaldeans. Where we once held ownership of our community and grocery trade, it is now held by a patchwork of ethnic immigrant groups. Today our communities are dominated by a ritual of Chaldean immigrants where 83 full-line grocery stores in Detroit, Chaldean businesspeople own as many as 75, according to statistics. The remainder are owned by Hispanic, Jewish , while A few of our business men struggle to get the same funding and opportunities handed to these foreigners to help them build wealth by giving permission to dominate our communities .

We live in a universe of cycles, which means that everything that happens on this planet operates as a complete set of events that repeat themselves regularly in the same order or in a regularly repeated period of time: Thus, not only, do we live in a world of ritual, we are ritual. We are a sequence of activities performed in a sequestered place according to a set sequences set in the universe. 

Political factions have set us up to used our own natural rhythm against us . We must now turn away from this cycle of dependency and re turn independence-self sufficiency- self reliance- and self determination and self reflection

Every time they kneel down in civility they are showing their allegiance to Columbus’ ritual

The picture above shows this party in their act of ceremony in observance to completing Columbus’ ritual of dominion. Every time they kneel down in civility they are showing their allegiance to Columbus’ ritual of death. Do not be fooled. This is their work to complete their ritual ceremony.

They created our traditions and given us their culture. We see and participate in these sequences every day, week, month, and year in formal and informal acts or series of acts prescribed by ritual, protocol, or convention. every time we walk into these community stores to make a purchase and walk out to take their tainted goods to our homes.

NAICA under the Hindsight Project is in movement to break the cycle of death. Let us Return to each other. We are stronger together. I am asking all the Clan Mothers and all the American Indian chiefs to watch this video of our meeting notes and join us walking away form foreigners who take advantage of us on our land.

Join us for our next meeting of the masses. We are better together..Lets talk…Lets become this movement!

T-Shirts and flyers coming soon

Deborah Ishki Oklahumma.

Sep 9, 2020

Deborah Ishki Oklahumma
Author: Deborah Ishki Oklahumma

Clan Mother to the red community