Stop, Mexican Gangs From acts of Genocide on Original People

We the people petition the President and those in authority to Charge Genocide against the Mexican Latino gangs who have  perpetrated, and have caused a holocaust against the American peoples- the  Original Peoples of the American continent.  We also include those who are also misnomered as ADOS.

If you have a burning desire to take part in our movement for change in our community, then this petition can be a powerful weapon. And It must be armed with signatures from supporters like you-like us.

We need at least 100,000 signatures to take your petition to the appropriate authorities and to build and show a solid case for your cause.

Please Click on the picture / link to go to petition and sign it. Please share it with everyone you know.

Because we are our own solutions!

To view further details regarding our petition, feel free to download our full letter to the President below!

Download Letter To The President

Deborah Ishki Oklahumma
Author: Deborah Ishki Oklahumma

Clan Mother to the red community