Who We Are

the Hindsight Project is a 501(c)3 organization designed to research, connect and distribute the pre-Columbus and modern histories of the African American Peoples ancestral identity. Our focus is on the crucial role of history in education and in the life of African American youth. 

Our Mission is to abate the education crisis for African American students by creating and disseminating history books wherein African American kids see themselves and their ancestral accomplishment through the history of the world.

Our Vision is to continue, and expand upon the accomplishments and legacy of Carter G. Woodson; to create and disseminate these ancient and modern histories within public education, thereby, revealing the lost histories of Africans and peoples of African descent as co-makers in the worlds legacy and therefore carrying the ability to be positive partakers into the future.

Our goal is to correct Americas oversight to include ancient and modern African American accomplishments within the school curriculum by taking the initiative to write history books that represent the true histories of the world.

To reach this goal, the Hindsight Project hosts events, fundraisers  and speaking engagements. We also look forward to your generous donations, sponsorships and assistance Programs. Find out how you can become a patron for One (1) dollar a month by clicking  here. And you can even sponsor a Hindsight Project event for your community. Find out more on how you can become a partner in this movement by clicking here

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