Who We Are

We are the“Autochthon” people, the bloodline of the original inhabitants of the now called Americas. We are known for being the richest orators and story tellers of our pre-Columbus events and cultures on the planet. Our stories were told and our likeness can be found in mountain caves and ancient rocks. Our DNA runs through the mounds and all throughout the lands. You can see our copper colored epidermal schema as we were in celebration of our ancient traditions, languages, and and ritual practices. Unfortunately, we have been quietly forced into a persistent genocide that has been playing out for more than 4000 years  from a non aboriginal society with blood ties to Columbus and Marco Polo, and also whose ultimate goal is to stake claim to our physicality, our culture, our lands and mimic our innate abilities.

the Hindsight Project is a 501(c) 3 organization whose work  has always been to research and reconnect to our authentic pre-Columbus and modern stories of the so-called African American Peoples identity and ancestry.

Our Mission was and still is to abate our identity crisis through knowledge and proof of our origin stories  and purpose to life, as well as to overcome the imminent threats of the imposters  by educating all people that we have always been here and to stop the attacks on Original American inhabitants and and all natural life.

What Have we Learned

Every day more and more documentation is coming forward as proof of our heritage. That we are the first, true and only American Nation of Aboriginal ascent on these lands! And as such we the people have the right to self-identify and the right to freely determine our status and freely pursue our economic, social and cultural development. These documentations prove that we  are direct descendants of the great mounds and Pyramids builders, The Washitas, Incas, Aztecs, Taino people, Caribs, Arawaks, Kuna people with many more connections to various Clans of the now called Americas.

What we must do

Now that we have knowledge of who we are, where we are, and why we are here, we raise our voices to tell the story of our rich ancestry, and by doing so we honor our ancestors; and by honoring our ancestors we honor our offspring and ourselves.

Our goal is to rebuild our nation and become more proactive to claim our knowledge and to operate in our ancient culture. Although there are may ways to honor our culture, We have created campaign projects that move us ever toward in our organic life ways as the“Autochthon” people.

Please browse our website and take a look at our projects. You may designate a donation for which ever one you please. You can also become a patron for One (1) dollar a month by clicking here.

You can help us reach our goals, by hosting an event, fundraiser or a speaking engagement. We would love for you to become a member and partner with us in solidarity.

For more information about how to help you can email us @ thehindsightproject.org or call us @ 734-7431708.