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We create campaigns to benefit the people

It began when Deborah was listening to an African American History professor respond to students who complained of being negatively portrayed in the media and hardly at all in history.  The professor told them, “If we are to have a better world view of ourselves, then we have to research and write our own history, if it is to be accurate. We can’t leave it in the hands of others.”. Deborah recognized the call to legacy and created  “the Hindsight Project”.  After years of research and a few noted college essays Deborah  create three important projects campaigns based on the values of historical knowledge,   using the Hindsight Project (tHP) as the perfect platform. There are three projects now in force that raise community awareness of the importance of knowing your history,







Writing History Books

the Hindsight Project is writing history books created to empower the African American students of indigenous decent at the highest level. The organization is also creating education centers that support self sufficiency as a way of life.


There is also a  petition which is an extension of Carter G Woodsons legacy and career in taking responsibility to write our own curriculum and history books. To learn more about this campaign just click the link. You can also sign the petition by clicking on the picture below..

Creating Education Centers 






 the Hindsight Projects (tHP) second launch is a documentary film called “The Construction of Racial Integration“. We believe it is time to assess our past relationship with America in order to understand our position as recipients of persistent inequality. There will be more information on this project soon. To watch our Promo video Click here.

The Construction of Racial Integration









This project is under development. If you would like to learn more or  become a coordinator or developer for this project, please email us @ thehindsightproject.org@gmail.com

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