When Mexican gangs commit genocide on American Aboriginals, why do U S prosecutors give them most consideration?

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Even when the motive and the act to commit genocide are obvious, Mexican gangs are prompted to plead guilty to lesser federal hate crimes in exchange for their confessions.

For years, U.S. Prosecutors have bargained away our rights to choose the category of crimes against. And how it has become difficult to recognize the act of genocide. 

When Mexican gangs kill American Aboriginal peoples it is the gangs who get the most consideration”. 

~Clan Mama Dee

And now it has become difficult to recognize the act of genocide. While many criminals can face up to 30 years in a federal prison the reality is that hate crimes do not carry the proper weight of being sentenced for genocide. 

When U. S. prosecutors used their unfettered power to seal documents that prove Mexican and Latinos openly confessed to Ethnic Cleansing  untoward the original peoples of America AKA the So-called African Americans they take away they make the victims invisible to the world. How is the possibility for parole justice for the thousands of victims who lay in their grave and the families who grieve over them? Does these prosecutors understand that the systematic killing of our people is genocide. If not, why not?

The reason for this episode is to bring out three major issues that impact the original peoples of the Americas.

  1. To shed light on how the Ethnic White Mexicans and Ethnic White Latinos have waged a war campaign to ethnic cleans the true American Indians original peoples as genocide, and the courts attempt to seal the formal record that prove the phenomenon as genocide. 
  2. To also reveal the agenda of the Pan-African language and how it is used to come against the Original American Indian peoples as a precursor to genocide. 
  3. To comprehend the Jewish “Pursuit of Nazi Collaborators” and study the Nuremburg trials and the seven motives the Jews that have set precedents to permanently eradiate genocide for.

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Mexicans are killing the original Peoples of the Americas….So why didn’t the Democrats tell us about it?

Mexicans are killing us off big time….So why are we trying to help them? 

And now Mexican gangs in Los Angeles, like Florencia 13, and their Mexican drug lords are waging a bloody campaign to drive the so-called Blacks from their neighborhoods.

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Terry Anderson From his KRLA-AM is asking ‘Why are our politicians and leaders letting this happen?’ ”

Well…Maybe they are letting this happen cause we lack accountability. I think that we need to ask…why are “we” letting this happen? When will we cry out for ourselves. We cry our for everyone else. No-one cries out for us. Can this continue.

the war on our people is silent but we must not be silent. In 1870s, Frederick Douglass warned that immigrants were displacing the Negro in the labor market. Now they are mudering our families and we are silent.

That’s why I ask you, the listener, to leave a comment and suggest solutions. I suggest that we, like all other nations take back our children and our communities.

Can we fight for our own the way we fight for other nations? Can we save ourselves like we save other nationalities?

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