Evidence Page

The Evidence of Ethnic

White Mexican Latino Genocide Wars


This page is designated to provide the petitioner with documented evidence that we have researched and collected over the years as proof of the various acts of genocide committed against American Indian Aboriginals who have been misnomered as “Black”, “Negro”, “Colored”, and “African-American”.

These evidences comes in multiple forms and includes but is not limited to news reports, video & audio recordings, scholarly articles, testimonials, and more! We will add more evidence as we go. You can view and download our evidence links below:

Mexican Gangs Charged With Racial Cleansing Against African American Town- ABC News

victims from the Bronx

Latino Gang Members Confess to Firebombing Black Families In Los Angeles Housing Development

Gang member with horns tattooed on his head shot AA who refused to by drugs

Mexican gangs in New York City

Donald Trump has turned MS-13 into Public Enemy No. 1.

Gang leader who ‘tormented’ Hawaiian Gardens sentenced to 30 years

Latino gang members firebombed black residents to drive them out of Boyle Heights project, prosecutors allege – Los Angeles Times

Latino Gang Leader Convicted in L.A. Ethnic Cleansing Campaign _ Southern Poverty Law Center

L.A. Gang Firebombed Black Neighbors to Get Them ‘Out of the Neighborhood’


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