“The Book of Griotology” is the first educational textbook of its kind.
It is unlike traditional world histories, wherein authors of the text are given an academic license to exalt the “White” male libidos, which are driven by theories and supposition. Instead, “The Book of Griotology” is a biographical legacy of world events that include all peoples of the planet and their encounters, wherein the Indigenous students of the Americas will ultimately recognize themselves in their ancestor’s lives and global achievements.

The mission and purpose of “The Book of Griotology” is its curricular goal to raise the academic standards, to include ancient knowledge and cultural excellence; to lift the veil of deceit and thereby returning the students to their stolen legacy. The intent of this book is to afford the students of indigenous decent a clean slate, upon which to write their own tick to a permanent release from social and geo-political binds.

The Student will learn

To define the importance of Griotology over History.
To use Griotology as a life tool for creating a global future
To trace their ancestral linage from the beginning to the 20th century.
The vertexual impact of encounters and traditions

The book of Griotology will

Excite the student’s high standards of using their organic mind
Reveal the student’s interconnection with the Universe, the planet and their national identity
Foster Independent thinking
Foster Self sufficiency
Foster Self sustainability

While “The Book of Griotology” is expressly designed for the student of indigenous decent, it is indeed recommended for all students.


“My thought process is subject to change”.
~Deborah A. White

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