Mardi Gras Indians

Tracing their roots back to a time when American Indians helped shield runaway slaves, the Mardi Gras Indians are among the most colorful and mysterious of New Orleans’ cultural phenomena. Finding it difficult to participate in Mardi Gras “krewes,” early African Americans developed their own way of celebrating by organizing Mardi Gras Indian tribes as krewes. Today, Mardi Gras Indians shine at every opportunity by showcasing their spectacular hand-made costume, lovely song and contagious spirit. Watch them parade and perform at several events including Jazz Fest,

Many historians trace the genesis of the tradition to the days of French and Spanish rule, when slaves would gather at Congo Square in New Orleans’ Tremé neighborhood to play traditional African folk music and dance and sing to blow off steam and celebrate their heritage.

Written by Clan Mama Dee

I am a Sociologist, Writer, podcaster and videographer. I design our call-to-action campaigns to promote unity under our true identity as the originals of American. My mission is to raise a platform of social awareness and giving the opportunity for those who want to unify to get involved. If you would like to know more about campaigns and social movements reach out to us on any of the social links below. or call our office @ 7347431708 EDUCATION Wayne State University Georgia State University

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  1. My history of extinction and now look forward with the neighbor to hear from you and everyone else has to hear about it. I love my history is good.


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