Our Campaigns

We create campaigns to benefit the people.
After decades of trusting the U. S. government to create programs to uplift our people, we continually find ourselves in the position of having been programed to death. While, every other ethnic group have migrated to our lands to receive multiple government programs and grants that ultimately raise them to a social, political and economic status as the economic and even political overlords of our communities. This government and immigrant collusion has served to bring us to persistent poverty and into socioeconomic division.
Our campaign projects are designed to reconcile this problem by creating campaigns where we must unify as a people and a nation. This organization has answered the call to legacy and created  “the Hindsight Project” .
After years of research we know that it is our duty to  “keep the legacy alive”. So we created  the  right To Legacy campaign to create important projects that raise awareness of our unique history, using the Hindsight Project (tHP) as the perfect platform.We create our projects and campaigns based on the values of historical knowledge. There are three projects now in force.
Write to Legacy Campaign
this campaign is about correcting history by write our textbooks and creating our own curriculum To learn more about this campaign and our upcoming textbook. Clicking on the Linkto find out more.
The Book of Griotology:
 Right To Exist Campaign
For years our people have faced systematic genocide. Americas prisons are filled with  Aboriginal and African American people, only to be privatized into legal enslavement. while millions of emigrants are illegally upon our lands to kill us and take our communities by force. Many of us are murdered by the hands of the police due to a faulty justice system.
To find out to become involved in The Write to Exist campaign