Every child should see themselves throughout their history books. But Americas failure to authenticate history has deprived African American students of their very right and ownership of their legacy.

Thats why the Hindsight project created the WRITE TO LECACY CAMPAIGN.  We accept the charge to right this wrong by writing and producing textbooks and educational materials in historical authenticity. These textbooks are designed to restore the legacy of African American students and the portal to their prosperous future. Find out more about these textbooks here.

Because we know the WRITE TO LECACY CAMPAIGN must also provide these students with proper educational materials. That is why we ask that every one become a patron to this cause to create textbooks that present a world view to the African American student’s unique ancestral identity-by way of history–language–the arts and sciences.  Click this link to access our donation page and chose how you would like to donate. You can also find out how to become a patron and help support the cost of these textbooks.

We started this campaign with a  petition,  advocating that we create and write our own history books. Signing this petition, is the first step to resolving the education issues for a better curriculum. In terms of history education, we face two basic problems In fact, we are witnessing a national revolution where many African American parents are expressing their concerns by pulling their children from the public school system and transferrinconstrucg them to African centered schools.

This is the beginning of self identity and self determination.

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