The Hindsight project is creating and disseminating textbooks that include all peoples of the worlds, wherein African American students can see themselves and their ancestral accomplishment. These textbooks are expressly designed for the indigenous student who is ascended from and identify with the original inhabitants of the planet, in contrast to groups that have settled, occupied or colonized its inhabitants. These are “The Book Of Griotology”.


Griotology is a living, speaking testimony to a society’s events and includes all that took place as told by the Griotologist. The Griot is a Western African storyteller. A traditional Griot could do everything from recounting past events to teaching their students. Griots are genealogists, historians, spokespeople, ambassadors, musicians, teachers, warriors, interpreters, praise-singers, masters of ceremonies, advisors, and more. Not every griot does all of these things, but these are examples of the many funcations the griot profession embodies.

A Triunity Of The Textbook

There are three (3) Primary Griotology textbooks in progress.

First Primary

Age 3-9

These are the years the student is most impressionable and will mark insurmountable growth upon their phycological and sensory processing. These are the years the student will envision and construct the inner being-the self. The textbook is more of a visual illustration and exhibition of the students ancestors and recent events in a verbal, psychological and physical application.

Second Primary

Age 9-13

During these years the student experiences rapid and significant developmental changes. The student also becomes more aggressive in research and application. This is where the student begins to assert confidence in their visioned. The textbook focus on the strengths of the ancients and the students connection to these strengths.

Third Primary

Age 13-17

The student has become more self-aware and aware of the their own personality, style, likes, wants, values, and future goals. The text brings focus to the students collective connection to universal triunity and of the world that is within it. The text promotes better decision making, and this in turn leads to more positive outcomes in life and for planning the future.