The Luzia Woman

Luzia Woman

New discoveries of a fossil skull was found 43 ft deep in the region of Lagoa Santa South America revealed that the first inhabitants of America belonged to the Negroid type (Blacks). These people have thick beards, a lot of hair on the body, are shorter with a tilted front (not cambered), prominent eye ridge and aquiline noses. The hair is somewhat less kinky. This was the first human group to have moved out of Africa perhaps 60,000 years ago.
Recent research made at Temple University revealed that the mitochondrial DNA shows an age of at least 35,000 years for this human type.
in 1995 an analysis made on the 11,000-year fossil skull dug in Brazil in 1974 was put under investigation where researchers, using forensic methods, rebuilt the face of this ancient American woman. The thick lips and flattened nose pointed without any doubt to the Negroid origin. Which had nothing to do with the Native Indians of the Americas. The fossil woman was baptized Luzia, recalling the famous 3.2 million years old Australopithecus female called Lucy. Luzia was 20-25 years old and 1.5 m (5 ft) tall.

Scientists have found in Santana do Riacho (next to Lapa Vermelha) an 8 to 10,000 years old graveyard and splendid wall paintings, very similar to those made by the Australian Aborigines (further confirming the theory of the Black Asian colonization of the Americas).
Some painting depict one group of people attacking and killing another. The victims are represented as being darker skinned than the aggressors…


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