The events going on in the world today are hard to ignore. Especially for American Indians, it is difficult to watch the news or spend time on social media without hearing about the devastation of our planet from natural disasters, like the rising waters, and the spreading of forest fires.

Even when you engage in other conversations on your personal time, forced social distancing, along with threats from the WHO, the CDC and certain political officials who want to vaccinate us and keep us masked and threaten to come into your homes to take you out is still a part of the periphery. All these things make it is hard not to feel isolated from the world and even your families as a result of it all.

These events have a direct impact on our lives and our emotions. It is no doubt and no wonder that many of our people are experiencing the effects of loneliness, hopelessness and helplessness.

Thats why

Here are seven ways to lead your team so they can continue to perform, despite all the chaos that is happening in the world.