What We Do

Our commitment, as always, is to benefit “WE THE PEOPLE”,  On the American continent to help WTP comprehend who we are , where we are and why we are here. It is important to note that Who we are is a significant prerequisite to “where” and “why” we are in the “predicament bondage” we have endured.  Knowledge of this social construct is important to the returning to our organic mind for the proper reconstruction of our nation, and also to “the Hindsight Projects” commitment to  commune under the socio-legal terms as a society.

It is critical that WTP  comprehend that we share a international as well as a national common culture not only as the Autochthon of the Americas but with all original peoples across the planet. “the Hindsight Project” will continue to support our universal bond in our knowledge, values, and activities which perform in our interconnection with the planet in the universe.

It is all thee things which make us a society even in terms of geographic continental location. For example, our original brothers and sisters who live in arctic climates developed different attributes to our planetary cultures, however, but not in phenotype, from those living in desert cultures. This is important to all Original peoples cultures as we perform by our phenotype and geographic existence. Therefore, returning to our continental culture of origin is critical to function as pertaining to our planet / space ship.